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Family Fishing Trip - Costa Rica

Costa Rica in one word is sweet, it has a sweet jungle, a wonderful ocean, and I have to confess that the flavor in my mouth after been there for a week is a sweet flavor, I really enjoyed spending that week with my brothers, the Pointer family, fishing for 5 days, meeting new people, I’m really glad about discovering this place.

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After many years fishing around the world, I finally had the chance to go visit Costa Rica for deep fishing, we had the pleasure to meet Kelly Owen and Mac Owen, a year ago, they were hunting with us, and one night when we were having dinner together we started talking about fishing, that’s when they told us they had a beautiful house in Quepos, Costa Rica, specifically in Manuel Antonio, this is the west side, the west coast, in the Ocean Pacific area, and they said they also had a beautiful boat, a Bermuda 31 feet for Deep Fishing, so we were talking that night and I didn’t know at that time, that me and my brothers would be having a great, great time a year after! 

In the meantime after we had this conversations we realized that Deep Fishing would be one of the business areas in the company and we got in touch again with Juan Spragge, a great guide and Captain from Panama, and when we wanted to know, 6 months later we were talking with Kelly and Mac, and we also met Brenda Owens at the convention in Houston, that’s when I found out that it would be a great trip to do it with my brothers, so we saved out some days in december for an amazing fishing in Pez Vela Marina, for like 5 days, what a great plan, so, spontaneusly we were talking business and exploring the posibilities to organize some tours, for the whole Pointer Family, the Pointer friends and guests, so last December we landed on 16th with 3 of my brothers and Diego, who is one our guys involved in the crop business. We had been flying a couple of hours from Cordoba to Lima, one of my brothers went from Buenos Aires to Lima, we all met there in Lima’s Airport, and then all of us got together to Costa Rica, we were getting to San Jose at 4:00pm, we knew we wouldn’t go fishing that day, we still had to go a 2 and a half hours ground transportation to get to the house, that is called Casa Luz, and it’s located in the forest in Manuel Antonio area, we were received by Coco in the Airport, and we waited for a few of hours having some drinks, because Mac was coming from a different flight from Houston, so once we were all together we started the roadtrip to the Quepos Village, and at 7pm we were in the house and everything was ready for dinner, our Chef was waiting for us, Alejandro, he had prepared different dishes with fish, we had some mahi-mahi appetizers and we had the luck to try some tuna fish beef, I have to say that it was good as a beef steak in Argentina, so we had that moment to chill and relax with some rums and whiskeys, and we also had the chance to visit the area, visit the restorants in the marina like Gabriella’s Steak Seafood, or Pesca Seafood house! 

A few days later we had chance to go to the beach in Manuel Antonio and spend the afternoon in the beach, talking with the locals, making comradery and getting some drinks around in front of the beach, it was about 6pm when Mike came and picked us up and took us back to the house, and Alejandro the chef had a wonderful dinner ready, we were talking about the fishing next day, we all took our pill to prevent getting seasick the next day, and went to sleep. 

Breakfast was ready by 6:30am, with, it consisted in: Coffee, orange juice, scrambled eggs, some fruits and yogurts, after that we were ready for a wonderful day, the first day the ocean was kind of crazy, for Ignacio it was a complicated situation because he got seasick so he spent most of the journey sleeping, the rest of us were very active fishing that day, I remember we caught some mahi-mahi, the finshing normaly is in between 7 in the morning and 5 in the afternoon, seems like a long day, but when you are fishing you don’t realize how quick everything happens. Our capitan was an amazing guy, a great captain, he really knows what he’s doing, he’s in his mid 40s, from Texas, his crew are two costarican guys, who are very cool people, Dani and David, it’s unbelievable how this guys work, I mean, how they handle the hooks, the bait, just incredible. 

The first day was great, we came back at 6 o clock to the marina and we were so tired, the rough wind and the crazy ocean took a toll on us, you can imagine, we went back to the house, enjoyed our drinks, took a shower, some of the guys went to the house’s swiming pool, and after that, a great dinner with Alejandro again, talking about the stories of that day.

We went for 5 days fishing, the first 2 days we went in the Bermuda 31’ boat, and the last 3 days we were fishing in our partner’s private boat, it is a Viking 61’, a beautiful big boat, completely refurnished, with a beautiful AT when it’s hot during the day it’s nice get in there and lay in the living room for a while. Anyways the fishing those days was amazing, and after 5 days we were able to get enough Marlin to the deck, it’s such a big animal, fearous fighter, they are very strong, I put a lot of struggle in mine and I was so tired after I catched it that I gave my rod to Mac and said: Mac, please, you take care of it! We got around 8 to 10 Marlin during those 5 days, we got probably over 20 sailfish, around the same amount of Mahi Mahi, and some Yellow Fin Tuna, they weren’t big, in fact, they were small but very nice to eat, we did mostly off-shore fishing, we didn’t do any in-shore fishing, but definetely for our next trip, Mac told us that when you do in-shore fishing you can catch some nice Rooster fish and Cubera, and we know that Tony (one of the Costarican guys who works with Mac) will take us to do it in our next trip, we are planning to go to fly-fish some Rooster fish, and we are really excited about that.

I have to say that the food in Costa Rica is a wonderful Country, the area of Manuel Antonio is beautiful, many nice houses, good resorts like Hotel San Bada, La Mansion Inn or Shanna Hotel, the beach is so nice, it is a great place to go and spend time with the family, so you of you guys can go fishing while the rest of the family can go for leissure, and enjoy the swimming pool in the house, enjoy the beach, the national park that is right there, or doing some canopy, snorkeling, there are so many activities to share with the family, that we decided to start offering this amazing option for fishing in Costa Rica.


Costa Rica in one word is sweet, it has a sweet jungle, a wonderful ocean, and I have to confess that the flavor in my mouth after been there for a week is a sweet flavor, I really enjoyed spending that week with my brothers, the Pointer family, fishing for 5 days, meeting new people, I’m really glad about discovering this place. The last night we had the chance to relax and the following morning at 10 o’clock we left to the airport, at 2:00pm we were taking our plane, our connection was in Lima, we spent a few hours in Lima and in the next morning we were in Argentina, back in our business! What else can I say? It was a cool trip, lots of fish, we learned a lot about the bait, how to fish, how to get them out, it was really fun to do, and I hope you guys can enjoy this too, you should be the next one!


Costa Rica is waiting for you!




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