Again there is a year round opportunity for sails with the bigger numbers coming from late November through April. At times, big numbers can be experienced in July during the short Indian summer. 



Are you ready for offshore fishing?

The fishing in the Caribbean is world-class with catch and release bill fishing in the Pacific Ocean for Sailfish, Striped, Blue and Black Marlin, Dorado, Tuna and Wahoo.

It is the dance of the sailfish and the lightning speed of the marlin that that attract most anglers to Costa Rica. It is not uncommon to raise more than 15 billfish in a days fishing during peak months. Most dorado (mahi-mahi) coming to the dock have been over 30 lbs with Tuna in the mix. You can likely have a shot at catching a billfish any day of the year, with January through April the top months for marlin and sailfish along this region of the Southern coast. there is also a good showing of marlin in July -August and November, while months during and just after the rains produce more dorado, as the debris washed out of the rivers forms the inshore trash lines they feed under. Football-size tuna are almost always present and sometimes those that top out at 300 pounds. 


The speed, fighting ability and aerial acrobatics of the Sailfish make it one of the most thrilling catches any angler can experience. Doing it in the tranquil and beautiful tropical waters of Costa Rica can only be described as the thrill of a lifetime!

There is no doubt about it, the sailfishing here is world class. In fact, both the line class and fly class world record Sailfish were caught right here in Costa Rica!

The Fishing


There is only one officially recognized species of Sailfish which can be found in most warmer waters throughout the globe (including CR). Sailfish are not as big as their similarly billed and sailed relatives – the Marlin – but they are freakishly speedy fish; they can purportedly swim up to nearly 70 mph. So, whatever they may lack in size, they make up for in sheer speed; a feature that only adds to their appeal to the sport fisherman.


The deep waters, currents and abundant bait fish in our waters attract Sailfish year round. However, April-September are typically the best months to enjoy consistent success with Sails. It’s also during these months where you are more likely to catch a trophy specimen. And, let’s face it, that’s really what a Sailfish enthusiast is after!

It is common for us to catch Sailfish in the 90-110 lb range from April-September.

Crocodile Bay Sports Fishing Fleet

Our fleet is comprised of 33 and 35 foot Strike Tower boats as well as several 27 foot Rambo inboard diesels. We also have 24 and 25 foot Boston Whaler Outrages. All of boats have the ability to fish either offshore or inshore because of our generally calm sea conditions. In 17 years of operation we have only had two days when the ocean was too rough to go fishing. You will be pleasantly surprised to find an English speaking crew member on your boat as that is not always the case in other fishing operations. Do to an increased demand, we haven also added a fleet of fully outfitted Old Town fishing kayaks to increase the variety of fishing options offered at Crocodile Bay Resort. 

Fishing Tackle

Our boats are outfitted with Penn International 50’s and 30’s as well as both Penn spinning and conventional gear in 20 and 30 pound outfits. We always try to have live bait on-board before you leave the dock. We use Temple Fork Fly Fishing gear on-site but we welcome anglers to bring their own gear if they prefer. 


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