Are you ready for a Guided Sturgeon Fishing on the Fraser River ? British Columbia provides the big game fishing enthusiast with phenomenal battles of man vs fish. White Sturgeon fishing charters mean excitement and "wrestling" with prehistoric giants. Challenge the "Great White Sturgeon”, the largest freshwater fish in the world!


Sturgeon fishing is similar to most fishing – you have to be patient and wait for the sturgeon to make its move. But once the hook is set, they don’t wait for you! Their power is unmatched and surprising to even the most experienced angler. The best part is that they jump clear out of the water, sometimes several times! If you are worried about hooking that thousand pounder, rest easy – most of the “larger” fish average between 100 and 300 pounds!

White sturgeon can be caught in the Fraser River throughout the year, but the best fishing months are April to October, and the first half of November is excellent too.






It’s home to the biggest river monsters, known as the Fraser River Sturgeon.


The Fraser Canyon is a land form of the Fraser River, where it descends rapidly through narrow rock gorges in the Coast Mountains. At the mouth of the canyon, an archaeological site documents the presence of the Sto-Lo people from the early Holocene area 8,000 - 10,000 years ago after the retreat of the Fraser Glacier.


"Rapids, huge sturgeon and breathtaking scenery is what the canyon is all about".



We are proud and active members in Sturgeon Conservation. Our Sturgeon are carefully scanned, measured, tagged and released.

Although white sturgeon are known for their toughness, great care should be given when catching and releasing them. When photographing the catch of your lifetime, please remember to keep white sturgeon in the water and only lift the fish out briefly when the photo is taken. When lifting your fish, please provide as much support as possible. For bigger fish, more support maybe needed. Please prevent lifting large fish into a boat. Lifting or dragging a large fish without proper support may damage the fish during the process. By doing these safe practices, we can ensure the survival of the Fraser River white sturgeon population.


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